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We are the cumulative voice of the watch enthusiast and your much learned friend when it comes to anything timepiece: A diverse and world-wide group that is equally informed on all matters horology. We appreciate and dedicate our pages to brands big and small; from grand complications to utilitarian time tellers. We’re a media destination for the watch collecting community and a great resource for anyone who appreciates the art of telling time.

Founded in 2007 by Ariel Adams, we originally entered the digital age as “trend-watch.net” but quickly became focused on one subject: watches. We decided upon a name change in 2012 to further dedicate ourselves to watch content, and we’ve continued to sharpen our brand image while broadening our reach. From watch industry and community news, to press releases, hands-on watch reviews, and features such as “My First Grail,” we strive to engage both the casual and well-seasoned admirers alike.

It’s all how we’ve grown to become a segment leader with the highest traffic for any timepiece devoted website; we’re a trusted voice in the watch aficionado circles the world over, and we welcome you. If you are wondering who we really work for, our audience or the watch brands, you can see our clear answer here and our editorial policies, here.

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